Your Basement, Your Way

Turn your unfinished basement into a fresh stylish space. Our expertly installed quality floor coatings will complement your home and last a lifetime. We guarantee it.

Why choose Renuity Advanced Floor Coatings?

Built for resilience

Our proprietary polyurea blend can withstand the impacts of whatever your life throws at it. Forget chips, peeling, or fading.

Peace of mind

Floods, chemicals, and other unforeseen spills become easy to handle with the non-slip flaked texture of our floors.

Ultimate Lifetime Warranty

We’re so confident that your basement floor will delight you for years to come, we give lifetime guarantees for every installation.

Here’s why our floors last a lifetime…

Our clear top coat is carefully applied for optimal thickness to prevent any chipping or peeling. Then comes our flake layer, adding non-slip texture and stylish color. At the bottom is our polyurea basecoat– stronger and more flexible than any epoxy.

Your Basement Just Got Upgraded

Add to your home’s value by increasing its living space with a clean, dry, and stylish basement floor. Enjoy it for a lifetime as our experts seal and protect your concrete. Check out how others have transformed their spaces with help from Renuity Advanced Floor Coatings.

Renuity vs DIY

Proprietary Polyurea Formula
Installation Experience
Professional Equipment
Project Time
Product Options
Quality of Results

With Renuity Coatings

You get our proprietary polyurea blend
Each installer is trained and certified
We bring all our own equipment
Prep is rigorous and thorough
1 Day turnaround
Crack, chip, fade, and peel-resistant
Ultimate Lifetime warranty

Typical experience

Our proprietary blend is unavailable to consumers
Uncertified in the application process
Zero access to suitable grinding equipment 
Time-consuming prep (filling in cracks, cleaning, etc.)
Cheaper materials, more prone to cracking
No lifetime warranty

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Couldn’t be happier!

The professionalism and workmanship delivered by Renuity was top-notch. Adam, Cory and their team were on time and transformed my garage floor in one day. I even had a few cracks in the concrete which they filled, and the floor looks amazing. Couldn’t be happier! Definitely recommend.”

— Diana O.

Able to finish in only one day

Renuity did a fantastic job with my garage floor. The finished product looks great and the team was able to finish in only one day, which minimized disruption to my home. I would definitely use Renuity again!

— Pat A.

Above and beyond

… I was so blown away by the finished product and I 100% made the right decision to use the Renuity team. Cory, Adam, Nectar and team went above and beyond during the install and they were very knowledgeable and answered all of questions. They were very professional and respectful and I would highly recommend Renuity.”

— Danielle D.

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